We are “between cuvées” here, as is often the case throughout the winery; Geoffroy is successful and wines move quickly. This one combines 66% 2013 and 34% 2012 and will be disgorged 6/2017. I tasted a sample disgorged à la volée without dosage, which tasted racy and taut, a good thing at this stage. It’s 41% PM, 31% PN and 28% CH. In general this is what one might call a “party wine,” if the people at your party were all Mensa members. It’s extroverted and flavorsome yet also detailed and silky. Meunier shows as soy and shiitakes. The Chardonnay component is increasing over the years. The wine is classic Cumières, ripe and smoky—it’s some of the steepest and warmest land in all of Champagne—yet it’s also high-energy because Jean-Baptiste almost never does malo

Geoffroy Expression Premier Cru Brut